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The Ultimate Youth Soccer Checklist

Your kid is so excited to play league youth soccer! They’re running around the house kicking every ball in sight. They’re using table legs as makeshift goals. They’re begging you to be a goalie so they can score on you. While that energy is excellent, there are a few things they should have before they step on the field for practice. Here’s a quick soccer checklist of what your player will need and why they’ll need the item. 


This seems like the most obvious, but it’s worth repeating that proper soccer cleats are incredibly important for players. There are a variety of cleats out there made for different ages and turfs. If you don’t know where to get started, go to a trusted sporting goods store or soccer store for assistance. 

Shin guards

Safety is everything out on the field. Soccer is a high-contact sport. Shin guards protect your player from serious leg injuries and can keep them in the game for longer. 

Water bottle

Drinking fluids is critical, especially out in the Florida heat. Having a personal water bottle ready before, during and after practice can encourage your child to drink more than they would otherwise. 

Slides/slip ons

Cleats last longer if they’re only worn on the field. Having a pair of slides in the car for your child to wear before and after games can help extend the life of the cleats. They’re also typically way more comfortable than riding in cleats. 

Knee/elbow bandages

Scrapes and cuts happen all the time in soccer, but it’s rare that a standard bandage will cover a cut. Having larger bandages at the ready can get your player back on the field in no time. 

Popsicle sticks and trash bags

Mud gets everywhere in cleats. Keep a couple of popsicle sticks or plastic knives handy to help your player pick out the mud after a game. Having these tools handy after a game makes it far easier to pick out than waiting to get home after the mud dried up.  Toss the dirt in a trash bag, or save the trash bag for wet clothes or cleats. 

As with any sport, the right tools can set your player up for success! FC Highland works with young players to not only empower them but help them develop their skills on the field. If you’re looking for a way to get your kid involved with soccer, try our development league. If your child already loves soccer and has experience, register for our competitive league. And if you’ve still got questions for us, contact us and our team will get back to you.