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HostDime Partners with Orlando Youth Soccer Club FC Highland

HostDime, a global data center tech company, is very excited to announce its expanded partnership with Orlando-based youth soccer academy FC Highland to help develop the next generation of student-athletes! Additionally, HostDime CEO and Founder Manny Vivar will join the FC Highland’s board of directors.

Through this expanded partnership, HostDime will provide FC Highland with access to cutting-edge technology and financial resources to grow the brand, improve outreach communication, and advance operations. HostDime will also invest in the current FC Highland scholarship fund so more boys and girls in Central Florida will have access to youth soccer and give them insight into opportunities to explore career pathways in technology.

“I’m so excited to expand FC Highland’s partnership with HostDime,” said FC Highland CEO and Founder Jeremy Christie. “HostDime is an incredible company that is a global leader in its field and we look forward to working with them to grow our brand and to offer a unique experience to our players and families. Manny shares our values and vision and he will play a pivotal role in helping us have a positive impact on our community as well as developing top players. We are both passionate about giving opportunities to those less fortunate and we are determined to create an environment which gives our players all the tools they need to be successful. We have ambitious goals both on and off the field and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.”

With soccer as the global game that brings the world together, this expanded partnership between FC Highland & HostDime was very strategic. HostDime operates data centers in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India and Hong Kong areas where underserved youth have ambitions to come to the USA and participate in athletics but don’t have the means to accomplish this. HostDime will explore a pilot program that will facilitate student visas for talented players to come to Orlando, Florida and learn from the passionate and talented FC Highland coaches about the importance of attitude, character, and integrity both on and off the field. Equally it will provide an opportunity for children to study abroad in the USA and thrive in academics.

HostDime’s upcoming 100,000 square foot New Orlando Data Center, located near FC Highland home base Trotters Park, will include a STEM lab on the first floor that displays a behind-the-scenes museum of how the Internet started and evolved into the current modern day cloud infrastructure. This hands-on technology experience will provide the youth of our community with a unique perspective and inspire them to explore the endless opportunities that a career in technology can bring. The facility will also feature a 2-story “floating” sports court with an open invitation for FC Highland to play futsal, basketball, pickleball, and volleyball games.

“We are beyond excited to expand our partnership with FC Highland,” said Manny Vivar, CEO & Founder of HostDime. “We strongly believe in the vision Jeremy & FC Highland have for youth soccer and academics. We also know the positive impact technology has in the world as we see it today and we look forward to not only being a resource for technology for the betterment of FC Highland operations but also inspire the youth to consider technology as a professional career beyond soccer. Impacting youth on and off the field will set them up for long term success. That is something we want to stand behind.”

HostDime and FC Highland share a common vision: to inspire the younger generation to the opportunities that teamwork can bring, and to mold youth towards competitiveness, camaraderie, and leadership skills that will help them as they become young adults and reach their full potential. “Better People Make Better Players” is FC Highland’s mission and HostDime will do everything in our arsenal to advance that endeavor.