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our mission

Better People Make Better Players

Through soccer, we put an emphasis on building a culture where our players learn that no matter what they do, their character defines who they are. This will help them reach their true potential as a soccer player and set them up for success in wherever their future may lead them. Founded in 2020 and led by current and ex professional and international players, FC Highland works with young players to not only empower them but help them develop their skills on the field. At FC Highland players will be encouraged to express themselves, play on instincts, and not be afraid to make mistakes. Team culture, respect, discipline, hard work, honesty, and integrity are at the forefront of FC Highland.

Our Coaches

As lifelong mentors, our coaches are dedicated to our players and use positive reinforcement when instructing. We only bring on the best of the best to coach our players, and each coach is dedicated solely to one team. Most of our coaches have played at a professional and international level (some still playing professionally). They are all mostly young, passionate, and hands on, and are able to demonstrate all skills and exercises at an elite level. Having once started where our players are starting, they are able to relate and make training more enjoyable, while also emphasizing key points and ideas. Additionally, our coaches have connections at colleges of all levels and with professional clubs around the world. We will use these connections to provide opportunities for our players, helping them succeed both on and off the field. Learn more about our soccer academy by filling out our contact form.