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What You Should Know About FC Highland Coaches

Coaches can make or break a child’s experience with a sport. While nearly every coach will show their passion from the sidelines, the best coaches explain to their players the technical details of the sport as well as foster a commitment to the game. The best coaches will transcend the title of “coach” and even become a mentor. At FC Highland, we understand how much of an impact coaching can have on our kids on and off the field. That’s why our FC Highland coaches have the following important attributes: 

FC Highland coaches are passionate.

This one seems obvious, but we’re always shocked by how many coaches go into the game without a heart for the sport. Our coaches live and breathe both soccer and coaching. They love seeing new players come to love the sport but also see seasoned players take their performance to the next level. 

Our coaches have a lot of experience. 

This goes hand-in-hand with being passionate about soccer. Because our coaches love the sport, they’ve spent time in pro leagues or at the collegiate level playing. FC Highland boasts current and ex international players who take ownership of their teams and bring excellence to the table. This experience at a variety of competitive levels gives them insights into soccer that help players develop on and off the field. 

The coaches teach character in addition to skills. 

Performance on the field matters, but our coaches also invest in the character development of each player. Character on and off the field will outlast a bad loss or even a great win. Our coaches want to set up players for success wherever their future may lead them. 

FC Highland coaches often become mentors.

Our coaches know firsthand that sport has the power to shape someone’s entire life. They use positive reinforcement while coaching and look for ways to relate to students on and off the field. Throughout the season, our coaches want to get to know their players, their families, and the goals of the team. Not only can coaches become powerful mentors, they also provide a wealth of unique connections to colleges and professional clubs around the world. These connections can provide opportunities for our players to grow. 

If you’re looking for a place where your child feels supported through exceptional coaching, consider FC Highland’s leagues