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better people make better players

Through soccer, we put an emphasis on building a culture where our players learn that no matter what they do, their character defines who they are. This will help them reach their true potential as a soccer player and set them up for success in wherever their future may lead them.

Team culture, respect, discipline, hard work, honesty, and integrity are at the forefront of FC Highland.

club philosophy

We understand how much of an impact coaches have on our kids both on and off the field, therefore, we have focused on quality while putting together our coaching staff. Our coaches are passionate, talented, and extremely hands on, but besides their incredible soccer abilities, they are outstanding role models throughout our community. Therefore, in addition to learning on the field, our players will learn equally as much about the importance of attitude, character, and integrity off the field.

Director of coaching - jeremy christie

Our Programs

Competitive & development

The FC Highland Competitive program is ideal for competitive players who are looking to develop and grow their skills to gain a competitive edge for college and professional careers.

The FC Highland Development program is ideal for the younger, non-competitive players who are looking to increase their skill, learn the rules of soccer, and have fun. 

Young soccer player kicking soccer ball


Jeremy Christie in action on soccer field.

Jeremy christie

Director of Coaching

toni pressley

Director of Coaching

REgistration Open May 1st