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Get to Know our FC Highland Coaches: Coach Orian

Coach Orian (“Coach OB”) grew up playing soccer in Central Florida. For him, the sport represents so much more than a fun time outside. It ties together his passions, family, culture, and so much more. We sat down with Coach OB to ask him a few questions about his favorite sport: 

How long have you been playing?

I have been playing my entire life! I’ve played for as long as I can remember and then a little bit before that. Within my culture the game is instilled as a part of an outlet, whether it’s a grill and chill family pick up game or a World Cup qualifier. For as long as I can remember, I was having a kick around. 

Why did you start playing soccer?

In Bosnia, the national game is soccer. Uncles, grandads, fathers, cousins — everyone was into it. Growing up with my pops and his fanatic attitude towards the game created an infectious desire to enjoy the sport. I just became a product of the surroundings, dropped in a soccer environment from my first memory. 

What do you love most about soccer?

How the game in its purest form offers everyone the same idea and fairness. Soccer gave me all I wanted in life thus far. I would have never thought a game with two goals and a football would do what it’s done for me. I love soccer because it’s the most beautiful game in the world, brings people together, and provides a life of joy to those who are blessed to enjoy the game at any level. 

Favorite soccer player of all time? Why them?

Steven George Gerrard — an embodiment of the principals of the game. Respect, quality, honor. My first proper memory was the 2005 champions league finale; whatever he had during halftime, I’ll take some of that! Steven wore his heart on his sleeve and loved what he did, a fantastic story and an inspirational figure. 

Why did you start coaching?

I started coaching because my fascination for the technical side of the game started relatively early on. I aspired to be a coach because my duty to the game was to give back everything soccer has provided for me. It’s what I found I loved doing the most. I feel like coaching is my purpose in life. I’m just going to try to serve my purpose. 

What’s your favorite part about coaching?

Working with other people and spreading good is the best part. Every human being has their own story, and in a team, every individual can contribute to the overall team’s story by utilizing their strengths that set them apart. It’s the purity behind it. Getting the best out of the individual and having them take pride in being a cog in the big picture, so that when you get to finally take a step back and look, there’s a beautiful masterpiece of a painting for the team to enjoy the beauty of what they achieved together. 

What would you tell someone who is nervous about playing soccer?

Pfffffff it’s just a game! At the end of the day, there should never be any stress in a game. Enjoy it; you are blessed beyond recognition in this life. Soak the experience in and enjoy the game

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