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FC Highland Secures Sponsorship with Tech Giant HostDime

Orlando-based youth soccer academy FC Highland SC partners with HostDime, a global data center cloud infrastructure technology company, to build the next generation of student-athletes.

FC Highland Secures Sponsorship from local company HostDime, a global data center cloud infrastructure company specializing in purpose-built, next generation public data centers for enterprises and businesses worldwide. 

The soccer academy is thrilled to work with HostDime, who is bringing a world-class, state-of-the-art data center to Orlando. HostDime is investing $40 million in the modern 95,000 square foot facility and corporate headquarters over a five-acre complex just north of downtown Orlando, close to FC Highland SC. This will be only the sixth Tier IV data center in the USA.

HostDime and FC Highland are a perfect match. HostDime is building the next-generation of purpose-built global data centers, while FC Highland is building the next-generation of student-athletes, leveraging the latest technologies with the support of different well-meaning organizations and individuals in Orlando and other parts of the United States. 

This partnership will help more young people in Central Florida have access to youth soccer and with it an opportunity to look at career pathways in technology. HostDime’s sponsorship will also help facilitate a young coaches program for the clubs athletes where they can complete a referee course, young person’s coaching course, and have training from coaches who have played at a professional and international level. HostDime is setting the precedent for businesses in the area to take a keen interest in the community and helping its future changemakers.  

HostDime’s upcoming data center will feature a STEM lab on the first floor, which will display a behind-the-scenes museum of how the Internet started and has evolved into the cloud-based technology ecosystem that exists today. Students will get to see firsthand how everything works behind the scenes and where the cloud really lives. This will give perspective and inspire the youth through this hands-on technology experience. There will also be a 2-story sports court that literally floats on the 6th and 7th floor onto I-4, with an open invitation for FC Highland to play soccer, futsal, basketball, and volleyball games. 

HostDime and FC Highlands share a common vision and mission. The vision is to inspire the younger generation to the endless opportunities that technology can bring and how it transforms our lives. Equally, FC Highland Soccer Club helps mold our youth towards competitiveness, camaraderie, and leadership skills that will help them as they become young adults. 

About HostDime

HostDime is an Orlando-founded global data center infrastructure company building the next-gen purpose-built data centers which are developed, owned, and operated by the company. HostDime’s facilities offer an array of cloud products from bare metal servers, cloud servers, and colocation services that cater to a range of clients, from entry to enterprise-level operations. Since 2003, HostDime has created next-gen, purpose-built, and privately-owned and operated data centers in Florida, USA as well as Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, and operates data centers in partner facilities in Hong Kong, India, and the United Kingdom.