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FC Highland Secures A New Sponsorship Deal with Orlando Union Rescue Mission paid for by generous anonymous donors at the club!

Orlando youth soccer club FC Highland secures Orlando Union Rescue Mission, a Florida-based nonprofit for the homeless, as the main sponsor of their competitive program after a $25,000 anonymous donation.

FC Highland, a soccer club aiming to transform lives and make the community better, recently received a boost after securing Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) as the main sponsor of their competitive program. FC Highland is fast becoming one of the sought-after youth soccer development institutes in Orlando, currently serving more than 300 young players every week, with most of its coaches having played at international and professional level.

FC Highland secured the deal with OURM after two anonymous donors from the club bought the club’s top-tier sponsor pack and donated it to the nonprofit to help promote the cause of the charity, saying the cause was very close to their hearts. Consequently, OURM currently enjoys all the benefits that come with FC Highland’s sponsor pack, including logos on kits, signage at games and on banners and social media posts. The deal will help local homeless families and children in the area, showing them that soccer is for everyone, irrespective of location or status. 

The deal can be rightly described as a match made in heaven, as it speaks to FC Highland’s mission of being more involved in the community and helping others. The mission is currently home to over 270 formerly homeless men, women and children. 

“I simply cannot thank them enough for the magnificent generosity of FC Highland and its parents and this anonymous donor. Having all the players be educated and displaying the Mission’s name prominently is spectacular and nearly unbelievable,” Fred Clayton, president and CEO of OURM said. 

“They are transforming the lives of our guests, the 270 formerly homeless men, women, and children who live at the Mission. They are enabling them to escape homelessness permanently. I could never thank them adequately.”

“We feel honored and humbled to start this partnership with OURM and can’t wait to educate our players on all the Mission does in our local community. 1 in 17 children will experience homelessness in Central Florida this year alone which is mind-blowing for me when I watch our 300 kids train on a weeknight,” Jeremy Christie, FC Highland CEO, said. 

“Our motto is ‘Better People Make Better Players,’ and I can’t thank the donors enough for supporting our motto and putting others’ needs before their own and ultimately setting a new path for how sponsorship can be done in the future.” 

FC Highland is looking forward to running camps at the mission and working with the Mission on Thanksgiving food drives and Christmas toy drives, as well as merging families from OURM & FCH to foster friendships for life. For more information about OURM take a look at their website.