Competitive Team

Coaching Philosophy

FC Highland was founded on one principle: Better people make better players. Built on the values of integrity, humility, respect, hard work, and sacrifice, our youth soccer academy helps players build character, while teaching players life lessons that will help them in the future.


This competitive league will allow players to learn a style that translates to higher levels of play. At FC Highland, we focus on creating an enjoyable environment for players to learn in. We don’t just teach soccer; we instill a rich, deep understanding of play so that players understand the why of the game. This allows players to make their own decisions on the field. We encourage players to try new things, play on instinct, and use mistakes as a great learning tool. 


our coaches

As lifelong mentors, our coaches are dedicated to our players and use positive reinforcement when instructing. We only bring on the best of the best to coach our players, and each coach is dedicated solely to our team. Additionally, our coaches have connections at colleges of all levels and with professional clubs around the world. We will use these connections to provide opportunities for our players, helping them succeed both on and off the field.

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Camps & Clinics

Due to COVID-19, the dates for our Camps, Clinics, and Tryouts are TBD.