Coach Agreement

FC Highland coaches are much more than just soccer coaches. They are mentors and role models. We provide our coaches with the best resources and support available, but we also hold our coaches to a higher standard. There are a few responsibilities and requirements that our coaches need to adhere to in order to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Those responsibilities and requirements are:

  • Coaches must organize and attend at least two coaching sessions per week. In pre-season meeting, coaches will decide practice days and times.
  • If coaches want to add extra sessions, they are welcome to do so but must run it by DoC’s.
  • Coaches must attend all games (8-12 p/season) and whatever tournaments club decides to attend.
  • If coach is going to miss a game or a coaching session, they are responsible for finding a replacement that is approved by the DoC’s.
  • Coaches are required to wear FC Highland apparel to all practice sessions and games.